About This Website

This website is a collection of information from various sources and my own research into the filming locations for the AMC TV series, The Walking Dead.

I first became interested in the show right from the very start of Season 1, and when I was planning a vacation to Florida (I live in the UK) way back in February 2012, I thought it would be a great idea to travel up to Georgia for a few days to visit the filming locations for the show.

That was when I first found out about the Walking Dead Locations website, and the website creator - Brian Holland.

Brian was instrumental in me deciding to actually make the trip to Georgia - his enthusiasm for the show and his knowledge of the locations made that first visit a most interesting experience - so much so that I have visited Georgia numerous times over the following years!

My visits to Georgia over recent years have not been only because of the filming locations, but also because Georgia is such an interesting place to visit - the countryside is a pleasure to see, and the people I've met on my travels have been so friendly - no doubt the famous Southern hospitality!

Note: As this website was originally set up as a resource for myself only, it does not go into any depth about the various filming locations. The descriptions were sufficient for myself, due to my acquired knowledge, to be able to utilise the information directly from my smartphone, when out and about visiting various locations in Georgia.